Today I was practicing in one of the practice rooms at the school of music. I came out of my solitude to find a small crowd looking on at one of the balconies. I asked what was going on, and to my surprise I see a squirrel trapped on the balcony. Poor thing. It would pace from side to side of the balcony then climb the railing. It would attempt to jump to the roof but would fall back to the balcony every time. We watched in horror as he would contemplate his next move. He had a nut with him, and would take it close to the edge. We were afraid it would be a reenactment of the Ice Age squirrel, following his nut anywhere it may go. He had probly been there for a half an hour. We started to try to find things to help him to the roof. So he wouldn’t die a miserable, lonely death. We decided to use one of the long chairs and prop it up against the wall so he could climb to the roof. We pick up the couch, then to our horror we watch him jump to his death off the balcony. We were astonished.

So today I watched a squirrel committed suicide. I will never be the same.