I just wanted to get this out here for you all to see…..

If you like loose-leaf tea or need any tea supplies, this is the place to go. The owner is my aunt, who started her business not too long ago. She offers tons of organic teas and herbs, all of which she knows the health benefits that come with each tea. I’m very impressed with how wonderful the teas are…. My mom and I have been drinking loose leaf teas for as long as I can remember and in all of our years, we’ve not encountered such wonderful teas anywhere else!

My aunt was previously a nurse and decided she was going to start a tea business where she can help people with tea, rather than masking problems with prescription drugs. She’s extremely knowledgeable of what herbs and teas will do for certain problems and will do custom blends for anyone who needs it. I don’t want to sound like an add, but her stuff is exceptional. YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT! CLICK HERE