It’s funny how the title is “Music, Corsets, and Star Wars”, and I’ve not yet post a single music post. Maybe I assumed it wasn’t as important as the others? idk

For my major, I have 2 juries a year, one at the end of Winter Qtr. and the other at the end of Spring Qtr. Last year I was ill prepared (I was a poor, uninformed freshman) for my juries because I had no idea what the heck was going on. So this year I made a list of the songs I am to play for my juries. The one’s I’m working on are these:

Haydn Piano Sonata in C major (HOB XVI: 48) written: 1789

So these are going to be memorized and played for my winter jury. These pieces are much easier than ones I have played before. I was told that I play too “fingery” and that I am to change my technique or else I’ll injure myself, and easier music gives you more freedom to do that. It’s really hard to unlearn your 13 year old habits so it’s kind of a frustrating process.

Eventually I’ll record myself and post the videos on here. Eventually.