This is a pattern I came up with while making my mom and her friends Christmas presents. A Scarfellette is a small scarf that is buttoned. It requires less yarn than a long scarf and is relatively quick to make up. Estimate about 4-5 hours.

Chain= ch
Half-Double Crochet= hdc
Treble Crochet= tc
Front-Post Treble Crochet= ftc 

 Hook used: G (4.25)

~ftc’s will always be connected to previous ftc (2 rows down, previously made) except in row 5
~the term over-cable is the set of 2 ftc’s that are most visible/forward; while under-cable means the set of 2 ftc’s that you cannot see (they are under the over-cables)
~Row 3 is basically an area for button holes, test your buttons to ensure fit.
~Row 5 and 7 will not equal 18 stitches, this is okay. Simply skip 2 stitches (in the middle of Row 6 and 4 stitches in Row 8 to equal 18. {{Some have commented that they did not run into this problem}}
~This pattern can be repeated to create a full length scarf; repeat Rows 5-8 then end with Rows 4, 3, 2, 1.

 Cabled Scarfelette:
Row 1: ch 19
Row 2: hdc 18, ch 2
Row 3: tc (in back) 18, ch 1
Row 4: hdc (in front) 18, ch 1
Row 5: hdc 2, ftc 1, hdc 2,( SKIP 2 STITCHES and ftc 2, then ftc 2 in SKIPPED STITCHES underneath previous ftc)*2, hdc 2, ftc 1, hdc 2, ch 1
Row 6: hdc 18, ch 1
Row 7: hdc 2, ftc 1, hdc 3, ftc 2 in over-cable, hdc 1, ftc in next over-cable, ftc 2 in previous under-cable, hdc 1, ftc 2 in last under-cable, hdc 3, ftc 2, hdc 2, ch 1
Row 8: hdc 18, ch 1
REPEAT ROWS 5-8 until scarfelette is 2 feet long

Sew in buttons on 1 side of the tail end 2 1/2 inches apart 

If you have ANY problems with this pattern working out, let me know! I would like to make it as user friendly as possible 🙂 
** Please feel free to make this project for gifts, but  
the finished item or pattern. If you choose to pass along this pattern, link my blog!**