a serious pic i suppose?

It’s finally here! The finished Boba Fett helmet….I totally got an A on this project 🙂

And now……. process pics!
          *Before this pic was taken I had done the following to get it there:

                   1) Cut from foam 6 ovals, glued them together, finished carving to get the mold correct

2) Fiber-Glassed the whole thing with Aqua-Resin
                   3) Cut the cheek-indent things with a jigsaw (SCARY), inverted and reinserted them
   Et Voila!

I then finished the T with the jigsaw, added foam to the front and band around, added bendy-plywood to the sides, then rigged an old computer speaker to make the sight adjustable.

 Then added paint primer:

For the next step, I found the most amazing color of spray paint for the helm… Italian Olive Green. Next was the burgundy to the front

then the details! (my favorite part)   I specifically made it a ‘pre-Empire Strikes Back’ Boba Fett helm. There is no dent in the helmet, and not all of his battle scars are there, I wanted it that way 🙂

and now, my vanity shots:


 and a cheesy smile!