In an earlier post, I showed my Duct-Tape dress form I made of myself. The duct tape motif just isn’t my style, so 2 days ago I decided I was going to cover it.

First I drew where I wanted the Seams to be
Then I patterned out the pieces
I got a little ambitious, and added a decorative stitch to all my seams 🙂

My sewing machine has a bunch of pretty stitches. So I decorated my dress form. Unfortunately it took FOREVER and had I skipped it, the project would’ve been done in a day. Sigh, my ambitious self couldn’t help it. The extra stitching added a bunch of time and headache, but….. It’s pretty stitching!

Sprayed with Adhesive and covered in batting

I used old quilt batting for the kushiness under the cover. I figured it would be much smoother than just polyester stuffing. Smooth? Yes. My size? No. 😦 

Finally I covered it
There she is.

 To finish, I sewn all but the right side seam and I ended up whipstitching. Boy was that hard! I was constantly tugging at the fabric to make sure it was as snug as possible, but it ended up alright afterall

 YAY!!!! I’m happy that I now have a  working/useful dress form. There are, however, some things I would have done differently in hindsight;
 1) I should have used a more heavy duty fabric
 2) A slightly thinner batting would have been perfect.
3) The neck would be better in general
4) For the open parts (the armholes and neck opening) I would have instead of sewing the circles OVER the princess seam cover, I should have placed them under. It would have been a much prettier look.
5)The dress form is a size too big. I don’t know how I could possibly fix it other than being extremely thin when you tape yourself.

Overall I’m happy that I got it done (on a whim even!)  I also had my first real run-thru with Princess Seams. (yay me). Of the whole project,  my favorite part was and is the redwork. It made me happy.

Now, after all my hard work, I have to name her. I have no clue. I was thinking perhaps Betsy or something along those lines? What do you think suits her?