I found time to record for my grandmother. She lives an hour away from us and doesn’t have a piano, thus making it a very rare occasion when she does hear me. Because of the vast interweb resources at hand, I am going to utilize Youtube so she is able to listen whenever she wants and of course share the videos with you all!

I beg you, please ignore the stupid looks on my face, the seasick-inducing movements, the poor sound quality and slight lag in the video. I recorded these via Webcam on my laptop and plan to record again when I have better equipment.

 The Sailor Song was born my sophomore year of high school with a friend who was in my Music Theory class. It was first composed with drums and bass along with my piano. It was a bit more “funky” and  had some J.S. Bach interjected at points. I have since made my own version of the piece, adding some movie themes for substance. Very early on, my friends fondly declared it “The Sailor Song”.

The first 3 melodies you hear in this song are from the following soundtracks:
The Secret Garden by Zbigniew Preisner
King Kong by James Newton Howard
Black Beauty by Danny Elfman

 Pirates of the Caribbean Composer, Hans Zimmer, is one my my all time favorite composers. I think I’ve fallen in love with each and every one of his soundtracks. This is my rendition of my favorite theme from POTC, Davey Jones. I made my own sequence of the piece through different moods from the latter two movies, Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End. The first is the main melody played in a high register. Second is from the Musical-Heart of Davey’s. Next is a more agitated Davey and the last bits being what I consider a call and response between the ill-fated lovers, Calypso and Davey. This has to be one of my favorites of my renditions. I hope you enjoy it as much as I like playing it 🙂

Nameless doesn’t have a real name, so I call it thus. It is simply a song that I came up with while learning Chopin’s Nocturne in F minor. I would play this when I got tired of practicing the Nocturne. That’s really all I have to say about it.