Hello all,

I have had many comments and questions regarding my Star Wars creations. The main question people have being, “Can I have the pattern?!” My answer: eventually….

Right now, the Boba Fett and Jetpack patterns are near done; and I mean all the directions are there, I need to insert the pictures to finish (and that’s pretty good considering all the homework I have to do too). But, for all of you “itching with anticipation”, let it be known that I have a couple of hoops I have to jump through before I can distribute my ami patterns to the world.

Hoop #1: Lucasfilm Licensing. I have to make sure I am even able to sell Star Wars patterns before I make them available for y’all. I need to make sure that I’m in the clear and won’t get sued.

Hoop #2: Copyright. My patterns need a copyright. There’s a lot of scheisters our there that may steal my pattern and resell it as theirs or sell the end products, and that’s not fair 😦  I plan to get this done quickly, but I have to hear from Lucasfilm first.

Hoop #3: Figuring out how to sell them in the first place. I’ve thought about setting up an Etsy site or selling them only on ravelry but I’m not exactly sure how it works I’ve also thought about doing it by email/paypal, but again, D: I don’t know what I’m doing quite yet.

So, my fellow Crafty Star Wars Fans, My goal is to make the Boba Fett and Jetpack Patterns available by the second week of November. Don’t hold your breath on it though, as I cannot make any promises on the exact date and time it shall be available. So, check back often and enjoy a lovely picture of a Scalped Darth Maul!

Scalped Darth Maul!!! D: