Lately, my posts have been about everything under the sun except sewing. This is partially because I have had a fair share of homework and have not been able to work on a lot of my own projects. Lucky for you, I have been working on a project for our Period Construction class. Here’s what I have so far:

It seems Mathilde’s bust has deflated.

Yes, it’s too large for Mathilde. The mannequin I used for the pattern is very busty and a size 8-10 (as Mathilde is right under a 5) Anywho, we are to construct a Maid’s outfit in the theme of the 1780s. Since it’s for the theatre, we have to sew it much differently than I’m used to. The Piping for instance. I am NOT happy about how it looks

The back seams are pretty,
just not the piping….

The piping is all uneven because piping is on each pattern piece; and that’s hard to line up. UGH. It’s done this way so that if the piece needs altered, the piping does not need to come off. Lovely for those to come, suckola for me. Despite the annoyingness of the construction, the color of the piping is pretty against the tan herringbone.

I must say, it’s very interesting how things are done in the theatre world. Everyt garment is made for versatility and easy alterations. I’m used to just making the garment to fit, and that’s that. Fortunately, the last two weeks have taught me to properly flatline pattern pieces, add boning to make a correct shape, without the period undergarment, and learn how to properly do princess seams. Very educational.

Soon to come: The piece is to have an attached peplum and sleeves (that look like she’s wearing a white shirt underneath. A skirt is also next on the agenda.