Today, I turned 21. Can you guess what I did for my birthday?
Only what every girl would do….
 I made an apron for myself! 
Pretty Cute huh?
The inspiration was from Jessie Steele, an apron site I happened to find a week ago. Her aprons are adorable and ever so classy. I simply had to make one.
This is the one I like the most:
Jessie Steele Black and White Apron
……so I decided to make it Sailor style, because I love sailor stuff.
Fabric wise, I used some leftover navy fabric from my 1780’s Caraco/Petticoat and some white bias tape. For the skirt, I used a flared half apron from the 50’s as my skirt pattern template. The pocket was a quick whack-job of an applique
*NOTE*I’ve never done an applique before and just barreled through it, only looking at a tutorial for applique’s after I had it already been attached 
For the Bib, I draped some muslin for the pattern, giving a dart on each side, to give it a little more shape. It’s only cute if it fits!
and in 6 hours and 2 seasons of the office later….
I’m sorry I don’t have any construction pics. It was an “on-a-whim” project that I was so focused on finishing, that taking pictures was the farthest from my mind. I plan to make a couple more aprons and experiment with different fits. I’ll be sure to take more pics for the coming ones.