For my first Regency Dress, I have chosen to do a really simple style to be as a “basic” dress for my wardrobe.

It’s a simple cotton print and I believe it might be mattress ticking, but it’s awful thin. The fabric is pretty sheer and wrinkles easy, as you can tell. I’ve got 14 yards of it, so if I mess up, there’s more to use! My only fear with the fabric is how stiff it gets when you iron it. I washed it twice to get the sizing out and break it down a bit. It turned to a lovely drape, but the ironing is kind of worrisome. Darn stuff.

For the style, I turned to one of my favorite movies. I really love the dresses in the 1995 Sense and Sensibility. Most have the slightly lower waistline and very drapey fabrics that make my heart go a flutter.

I love the drawsting neckline and sheer fabric
It will be more full like this gown,
and will also have 3/4th sleeves

The entire dress will be handstitched; like the short stays and petticoat I made to go under it.