While I was in Williamsburg, I had the wonderful opportunity to look at their museum exhibits. Here are the pics that I most enjoy:


*swoooon* to see Devin in one of these….
My favorite pics are of lovely embroidered waistcoats, which apparently were very common.  Nevertheless, it’s pretty and I would like to make one. The second one, in particular, was so sweet looking. As I captioned the picture….I really want to see my dearest Devin in one of these. le sigh

TAMBOUR!!! While at the shop, Sarah showed me how to do a little bit of Tambour Embroidery, which is basically embroidering with a sharp crochet hook….. and I LOVE IT. I reaaaaaallly reaaaaaalllly reaaaaalllly want to make this men’s cap:

Downright purdy.

There were also some wonderful Calash bonnets that I desperately wanted to try on.

soooo muuuucccchhh ffunnnnnn
This one reminds me of an accordion.

 Then there was this gown:

What’s so interesting about this gown is that it is black and in superb condition. The black dyes tend to deteriorate the fabric, so to have a gown like this one, that is so well preserved, is an extreme rarity.

 The motif you see on the gown is actually embroidered to the fabric itself. A lot of time went into it.

Sorry for the shakey pics
(museum lighting)

 Another interesting tidbit pertains to the trim. It is done by a series of knots, and to my knowledge, was an entire trade to itself. O.O There’s a bajillion yards of this trim on the gown. Can you imagine only tying knots/making this kind of trim for your career?!?

muy impressivo

 The last things I took a peek at were the tools on display on the lower level. My favorite…. The Waffle Iron…. I want it.