Hello all! I’m back after a long hiatus. I’m not dead, if any of you were wondering. A little has changed since I last posted, I finally got a job! Not an awesome job costuming for some company or organization, but a waitressing job. I’m working 5 days a week, so that plus school, plus everything else has been keeping me busy. But, I am sure glad I got that job.

Because with my first paycheck I bought:

My newest toy

….A Treadle Machine! This particular model is from 1890…edit! After further research I have found that it is actually from 1912. Patented last in 1890. and is the White brand from Cleveland, Ohio.


  The colors on the machine are superb and has very little rust or discoloration.

See the bright green silk???

 I also found while rummaging through the 6 drawers on the original cabinet, 5 extra bobbins and 4 extra needles. Though, the needles are mostly rusted, it’s still amazing that it’s all together. The bobbins also have silk tread on them. I have no idea when it was last used.

The pedal is deceptively responsive

 Here’s the underside, again showing off the brand name.

The tin itself was just cool.

And the coolest part… Another goodie I found inside the drawers of the cabinet… a tin box with:

11 attachments! For what? I have no clue.

 A ton of attachments! And the original packer’s slip!

Also, the hardest part to find for this model is the bobbin shuttle. I found 2 inside the tin.

They’re weird and evil looking.

 ….and one in the machine itself! with a bobbin inside as well!

 I’m so excited to clean it up and get it working. I need to purchase a new belt, but other than that it seems to work exactly how it’s supposed to.

 I bought this lovely piece from an antique dealer here in Athens. He had bought it 30 years ago and had it as furniture in his own home. He told me that when he moved 10 years ago, he put it in his shop to sell. Unfortunately, or more fortunately for me, it ended up being put to the back of his shop and got buried underneath things. I came in a month ago, just wondering if he had any sewing machines and he pointed me to this one…. I fell in love. Just look at the tiger-stripes!

 He then told me he just needed to get it out of his shop and would part with it for $100. It was mine.

Carrying it up my two flights of steps was certainly an adventure. My mom and I aren’t built for such things. She now lives in my apartment, almost ready for use.

I’m so excited about getting going. I don’t know much about the machines, other than what they go for. If any of you have tips on using them, PLEASE let me know. Any help is welcome!