I like vintage styles and have never heavily experimented with the ways to achieve it.One look I really like is Diane Kruger’s hairstyles in Inglourious Basterds. But, she’s blonde and her hair is nowhere near as thick as mine.

If only…

Another option is curlier, more Marilyn in style; but my hair is far longer and thicker than hers:

Sooooo cute

This hairdo is really cute too, but I would have to the style a little longer than hers.

So where do all these styles start? Curls. Does my hair curl well? No. It does not. My hair does not hold curl for more than 2 hours, even when wet setting it. I also, have never found a good method of curling it. There always seems to be something weird about it, be it only curls at the very bottom, or random pieces of hair that didn’t curl at all. So, I’ve been doing a lot of digging on the internet and I found this tutorial (by Tami at My Moving Finger Writes) and smacked myself for not thinking of it before. Barrel Curls!

So, on tuesday night at about 2am I set out to make these happen. With my hair still damp I put my entire head in barrel curls and slept in them for the night with a vintage silk scarf. The next morning I took pictures:

Here’s the silk scarf!
The silk scarf really kept my curls from getting disheveled and frizzy. I was so surprised 

Then I lightly combed through with my fingers and voila! Pretty curls like I’ve never had before!


Since I’ve finally found a good curling technique, I’m going to have to work on styling them, be it loose finger waves or what. But I’ll keep you posted!