Hi everyone! After months of consideration, I’ve decided to start a new blog. Anyone close to me knows of the recent changes in my life, and it was fitting to start a new blog around the same time. I’ve also had a lot of problems with Music, Corsets and Star Wars being considered “spam” and was nearly unshareable. So those are my reasonings.

I’ve named this blog “Lady of the Wilderness” because, I am sometimes a lady and am most definitely from the Ohio Territory. I plan to post and share about the same assortment of interests as my previous blog but I plan to be more on task and busy keeping you all updated.

This blog will primarily be a costume diary with tidbits of fascinating things I’d like to share, as well as fun Star Wars and other such nerd stuff. Please, follow me on this blog and share your own so we can all try to inspire each other!

Have a wonderful day!