I’m so excited about this summer! I have so many things going on and work (Habitat for Humanity) is going great!

One of the most recent additions to my already busy summer is the Italian Gown Workshop put on by Burnley and Trowbridge! I’m lucky enough to have great friends who can pick me up on the way and we’ll have a splendid time. Well, since we’ll be in Colonial Williamsburg and I’ll be attending a clothing-making-workshop, I have to make some actually accurate garments…

The kicker is, it’s only 5 weeks away. And I need:

1 Pair of Stays (mine are falling apart)
1 Shift
1 Under petticoat
1 Petticoat
1 Bedgown
1 Hat
1 Cap
1 Neckerchief
1 bumroll
….and I’d like a new jacket…

Even RDJ agrees!

Geesh! That’s a lot!