Because I’m working on such a tight schedule I can’t really hem-haw (no pun intended, but I chuckled after I re-read it) around not working on projects.

My stays are patterned off of Jill Salen’s book, Corsets, and are the “Brown Jean Stays from 1780″ from page 15, however mine are made from red wool, linen and linen canvas. It’s kind of an ugly pair of stays, if completely replicated from the book. The boning is bulky looking, and it’s a terrible color. I chose this one because it’ll easily translate into a 1770s corset if need be and because I’ve not seen anyone make it yet! I did alter it a teeny bit though… The pattern is pretty straight forward but because I’m not that busty, my pattern isn’t as voluptuous as the original. The original measurements are for 34″ bust and a 30″ waist whereas mine need to be 33″ bust and 24″ waist (just so you guys know, my waist is nowhere near that on a normal day. I eat too much Taco Johns to be that small… it’s normally around 28″) I also had to elongate the CF because 10” is just too short. I have a slightly longer torso for a short person, so 13.5 was what I took it to.

All my channels are finished and I’m the “whip together” stage for the seams. I’ll have it done by tonight and plan to bone it with the 3/16” cane I purchased from Wm. Booth, Draper. And it’ll be on hold (so I can put together my hat) until I get my leather stay binding from Burnley and Trowbridge!



Gotta dash if I wanna get this done! Thanks for reading!