Well people, I’ve done it. I finished these puppies in just over 2 weeks (nevermind the extra week to blog about it)and way early for the Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #12 (Due July 1st!) Handsewing everything is definitely way more time consuming, but they’re done! They fit perfectly and feel very secure. I’ve not lined them, as it’s not necessary and since I’m on short time.

Here are the specs in Historical Sew Fortnightly fashion:

The Challenge: (early entry) #12 Shape and Support

Fabric: Red Worsted Wool, Linen Canvas, Linen, Leather

Pattern: Altered from Jill Salen, Corsets, 1780 Brown Linen Stays (p.15)

Year: 1780

Notions: Linen Thread, Leather binding, Cane/reed boning, steel boning (for laces)

How historically accurate is it? Everything is accurate, except for the steels I put in the CB. Garment is entirely hand stitched. Because of tight lacing I didn’t want the cane to break, steel is safer.

Hours to complete: around 65 hours

First worn: Will be worn for the Italian Gown Workshop in late June.

Total cost: $55, all items purchased specifically for project   

Overall, I’m happy with the result, there are just tweaky things I’ll have to change for the next pair. There was some widging around which has turned the stays slightly askew when I put them on. Also, white stitching isn’t forgiving. BUT They do their job and pull my waist to a comfortable measurement (24.5ish)



When I’ve not eaten so much for dinner, these should close up all the way….