Another project for Williamsburg was a hat. The sun can be brutal and with no sunglasses– which I’ve grown very accustomed to– and one has to do something about it.

Black bonnets were popular during this period and during my time as an intern, I learned that some hats were even lined in black to absorb the sun reflecting from the seashell roads/sidewalks ( Two Nerdy History Girls have a post about it, too). When looking for images of black headwear, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s a bonnet vs a hat because both are so fluffy on the top. These are my inspiration pieces:

Print from Sep. 1782, British Museum I like the hat and apron on the right.

Parisian Print, 1780, pic found on the blog: A Most Bequiling Accomplishment This hat is delightfully large and fluffy. I love the silhouette of it.

Frances d’Arblay (Fanny Burney) by Edward Francisco Burney, 1784-1785, from the National Portrait Gallery This hat is BEAUTIFUL I just want it in black