The construction details are pretty simple. Straw Hat? Check. Silk Taffeta? Check. Silk Gauze (aka organza)? Check.


The Beginning of the hat.


Hat, 1st stage: THE CRINKLE

Pretty much, you cover the brim with a donut of fabric, then crinkle a large circle of taffeta in the middle on the crown, take some gauze and squish it there. Then cover the bottom (closest to the face) with your taffeta. Add ties. DONE.

I added a pleated ribbon of gauze to the crown of mine because there are a few pretty examples in some of my inspiration photos, and I wanted this hat to be slightly different than the one I made in Williamsburg.


For the pleated gauze ribbon, I had to make it myself, since they don’t sell gauze ribbon at 6 inches wide. Hems are hand-rolled and these ones worked like a dream. So little!

All in all, I love the hat and recently ordered an antique ostrich plume to set atop it for a little more extravagance. My only complaint is it’s very large and my hair be equally as large to accommodate it. I’ll write another post, later, on how to make short hair (like mine) 18th century-fabulous. But in the mean time: DAT HAT!

Lovely photo from Colonial Williamsburg taken Julie of The Fat Reenactress


unnatural lighting makes the color all weird.


The pretty giant bow. Eventually there will be a plume on the backside.

Another one from Julie’s vantage point.