Before setting off for Williamsburg, I had to have SOMETHING to wear. I was fortunate that my stays were completed, but I had little else. I whipped together a petticoat (it was finished by the day-of the workshop, by the way) and got to crackin’ on this jacket.

The outer fabric is made of a “figured” silk of deep blue with tiny green diamonds in it from Burnley and Trowbridge. It’s luscious. The lining is a green stripe linen I purchased from Walmart,of all places (do check their stock, they used to get “unidentified” fibers and a lot of them were actually really nice) that is intended to be used for a bustle gown in the future.

Figured Silk




Green Stripey Linen

I had checked out a lot of jackets and I found a few I liked. I really like the 1780s over the 1770’s so I decided to go with a slightly later style, slightly shorter, getting closer to the “pierrot” style that was so popular mid1780s-1790s.

Here are the inspiration photos:

1780 Blue Silk Jacket- Kyoto Fashion Museum

May 1786, print, London, Lewis Walpole Library

1780s Jacket and Petticoat, Victoria and Albert Museum


Man and Lady 1789- Flickr