Up until this year, I’ve never done any “overnighters” at events for a variety of reasons: time, money, lack of equipment, no friends to tell me when the events were. Well, this year that has changed!

I went on my first all-nighter with none other than the glorious gang that I traveled with for the Italian Gown Workshop last summer. Since I have no tent, but recently purchase a rope bed, I felt comfortable enough to whip some quick things together and get going to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon.

  And what a time it was! I tagged along as the “shop-girl” for LBCC Historical and aided in helping customers with their historical cosmetics purchases. We all had a blast and I got to steal away to take some photos! I hope you enjoy them!


Here it is, a pictures of the busy LBCC Historical shop and the ladies informing the customers on the best purchases for their needs.

photo 1 (2)

Before our day started, I had pincurled my hair overnight, and this is what it looked like just before it was dressed


The LBCC Historical cart was busy with customers. Most were lured in with the ever-so-tantalizing Aphrodisiac Perfume: Scandalous Love.


La toilette.


Here I am on the second day of Feast, wearing my Figured Silk Jacket, Pearly Whites, and Christina’s matelasse petticoat.


Christina and Julie looking fabulous.

photo 3 (2)

My hair when I arrived home. Can you believe that my hair is a short bob? I’ll do a post on that later.

photo 2 (2)

My giant hair on the way home and my lovely new elephant earrings from Sheldon Pewter! I wear them all the time.


Alicia with her fantastic hair, dressed by Christina. Christina is an extremely talented hair dresser.


Our bourdalou’s