The Fabric Stash. All seamstresses have it. Some have a knack to keeping it organized. Some do not. I am of the latter category.

I really wish I would have taken a picture of my room before I had organized this thing. It was SOOOOOO embarrassing to the point where I didn’t do any projects in it– I would just throw something in, and close it awkwardly, knowing what I SHOULD do, but just couldn’t.

Lucille knows what I’m talking about.

As many of you know, I have an addiction to Pinterest (follow me if you like!) but who really carries out what they pin? Not many, I don’t think. Back when I was still over at Music, Corsets, and Star Wars, I had started doing “Pinterest Addiction” days each week. To make sure I would do something productive and start hacking away at the 1000+ pins I’ve managed to save.

So anyway, back to the fabric library. I had seen a TON of beautiful armoires and china cabinets that were filled with fabric and spent a good 2 years trying to find an affordable version for my picture perfect fabric library. Didn’t happen. Not once.


So eventually, I thought, “Maybe I’m being too narrow minded here” and thought about other practical ways to do the same thing. I happened to go to a local thrift shop on a 50% off day and found a bookshelf for 10 bucks!

I’ve since painted it (with help from a special someone) added a lining and filled it with some of my fabric! YAY! Organization: accomplished.