I wanted to post a few pics here before I forgot of a recent event I was able to attend! In McArthur, Ohio, there has been a day-long festival 6 years running, inwhich boys and girls of young and old are able to transport themselves into the far-away Fairyland.

This year, I was named “Fairy Princess” and we had a wonderful time meeting all the trolls, fairies, fauns and humans that passed through. Here’s a few pics to commemorate! More pictures at Fairy Fest on Facebook

Therrrre be pirates!

The Faun talking to children about fairy/gnome houses

My Ridiculously large fairy crown!

Regal Fairies

Fairy Shoes!

The Wishing Tree

The Royal Fairies

The Fairy Bower- where the young fairy travellers could pay their respects to the Fairy Queen

The Troll Bridge!

Fairy dance-party

Trolls going about their business