Pink & frou-frou

Finally, my pink calash is finished! After starting the project 10 months ago and running out of fabric, Burnley and Trowbridge restocked their Pink Lutestring so I was able to use the matching fabric for wide ribbons instead of having some dyed to match! Yippee!!! To be brief, the construction was basically as Serena Dyer described. Channels are sewn into a double layer of the fabric to accommodate the canes. Canes are inserted and then adjusted to create the right shape I used a linen band to connect the canes at the neckline and they were sewn onto a bavolet, but everything else was done in silk.


Front trim!

It’s a very feminine and odd piece of clothing– and I love it for it’s ridiculousness. Last to be added was the trim (which took me 2 days of pondering before I committed) and the stay-ribbon. Overall I’m pretty happy with it and can’t wait to show my audience for my talks!

If you’d like to see more on the research/inspiration photos- click here