I was just like every other little girl in 1999, obsessed with American Girl dolls. I read the books, pretended I was Addy or Kirsten, dreamed of the playthings I might get for my dolls. Someday, someday.

I remember leafing through those magazines over and over and over again. I honesty didn’t think I’d ever get a Felicity. And then one year for Christmas, my wish came true! She was finally mine. I got a number of accessories with her- as this was my only present that year- and dreamed of getting Penny the horse, the 4-post bed, her undergarments; but alas, it was not meant to be. Years went by and I’d change her outfit with the seasons but little more than that. When my good friend Gabrielle moved away I didn’t play with Felicity any more. She was displayed in my room.

Well, when I moved into my new house, I got her back out to display in my sewing room and it hit me. I need to be making accurate Felicity clothes. Why? BECAUSE WHY NOT!?!?

My first project was a bum, since I was making myself one and had plenty of scraps to do it. Isn’t it cute?


Then I decided she needed a pair of stays like mine. This project took roughly 13 hours to make. They are made of red wool & two layers of osnaburg linen. Boned with cane and bound with kid leather. Enjoy!