Good afternoon, folks! A lot has been going on despite how quiet the site has become. I’ll post more on it later, but in other words, I have more time available to me now. This time has so wonderfully allowed me to work on a much needed project:

What the item is: 1780s Linen Shift

The Challenge: #1: Procrastination

Fabric/Materials: Linen Fabric, Linen Thread

Pattern: Authentic shapes/construction

Year: 1780s

Notions: none

How historically accurate is it? 99% (because who knows?)

Hours to complete: 16+

First worn: TBD

Total cost: $25


IMG_3355.JPG (257K).URL

This project has long been overdue. I have needed a good shift for ages, and I decided to make this one entirely handstitched (averaging 25-30 stitches per inch) It took a while. Nothing is fancy other than some piecing the sleeves at the back. Pictures show the garment after it had been thrown in the wash. Enjoy!


Just some of the MANY little stitches I had to do.


Underarm Gussets


More teeny stitching