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As I’m sure you’ve seen in a few of my posts (here ), I love Felicity! Part of my love for her is a desire to make her as accurate as possible. Eventually I’d like to have a “Felicity Version” of my 18th century clothes, but for now I make smaller versions of things when I happen to be out and about. I keep a small sewing kit with me and a project prepared for just these occasions.

           Bag & contents: L-R, Needle Book, Thimble Case with Silver Thimble, Cotton Thread, Leftover piece of ruffle from Felicity’s cap, Wax & safety pins- ‘cuz you need those sometimes

Felicity’s cap is a single layer cotton cap made from scraps of Burnley and Trowbridge cotton mull. This fabric works up nicely and has some good body when made up small-like. The edges are done with rolled hems, aside from the bag of the cap that attaches to the front pieces- it was done using a whipped-rolled hem. All pieces are whipped together and voila!


IMG_3374            IMG_3377



Pretty caps!