Drumroll, please!!! I know a number of people are chomping at the bit, waiting to see photos of our Honeymoon so far so here’s a glimpse (and I tell you it’s a glimpse because I have literally 1,000 photos to sort through) of what we’re up to!

Day 1: Flying in & getting there

We flew into Auckland through Qantas Air and after more than 27 hours of travel, we arrived at our destination. **A note about Qantas Air- HOLY COW THE FOOD. So. Much Food. We were expected a meal and a snack for our longest leg of the journey (16+ hour flight across the Pacific) but no. Qantas Air gives you a meal whenever you happen to pass a “mealtime.” So that means for our 16 hour flight we received 2 meals and 2 large snacks and tons of drinks, and on our 2.5 hour flight which went through lunch, we got a lunch AND TWO DESSERTS. We’re pretty impressed**


This is what you see when you fly into NZ.

From Auckland, we rented a car and were on our way to Hamilton, ate an awesome meal at The Furnace Restaurant and headed to bed around 8:15p to rest up for our next day.


Scallops and angelhair pasta, roasted potatoes with lemon, and a goat, mint jelly and potato pizza from The Furnace!

DAY 2: Hamilton & Waitomo

Due to jetlag, we both woke up at 6am ready to get going but our caving thing wasn’t scheduled until 11am later that day. We went to a local grocery store to get some lunch/snacky foods for the road and decided to check out the Hamilton Gardens as a way to pass the time.. we got there close to opening time, around 7:30 and stayed until about 10:30a. I’m so glad we stopped in… this place is BEAUTIFUL.

Next stop: CAVE TUBING! But we were still too early- we ended up hiking at a trail closeby to eat up another hour or so:


Killin’ time nearly killed our calves!

Finally it was time! At TumuTumu Toobing we got to see New Zealand’s glowworms and tube and crawl through the cave and some underground streams. Tight spaces aren’t my thing, but we both enjoyed it all nonetheless. Our guide, Chris, was really great and took some awesome photos. This is not an activity for the faint of heart- I now have bruised fingertips and palms- but it was loads of fun!

After tubing we headed to the HuHu Cafe and had an amazing meal with amazing desserts. The entire meal was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

From there we headed out to Rotorua for the night to see Hobbiton the next day! You’ll get to see that in the next post.

**We are not endorsed by any of the companies we’ve linked in our posts- we just want you to be able to find their information should you come along to NZ**