While in Taupo & Hastings, the next couple of days managed to be really relaxing despite what we thought!

Day 5: Taupo

Our only activity planned for Taupo was Skydiving, since the activity is so weather-dependent. We’d scheduled to do skydiving in West Virginia before, but had gotten cancelled all 3 times (each being months apart). This time we didn’t want to take any chances, so we decided to have the full day to either recover from our extreme sport or have plenty of time to catch a glimpse of good weather if things got sketchy. Luckily for us, the weather was perfect.

We did our skydiving with Taupo Tandem right over Lake Taupo and it was quite an experience.

Ian and I found, however, that we had psyched ourselves to the point of no-fear… which meant we didn’t get the adrenaline rush that everyone talked about. We viewed it as a roller-coaster type ordeal since we weren’t the ones actually doing the jumping; our Tandem Partner did that. The parachuting part was our favorite.

After our skydiving was over with, we were enroute to the Napier/Hastings area but took a few stops along the way! Huka Falls was definitely one of the stops.


And then took pictures along the way to Napier. Burger Fuel was our stop for dinner. Ian got the Bastard Burger and I got the Ford Freakout they were good, but greasy!

Day 6: Napier/Hastings

There were two stops knew we had to make. First stop on the list was Opossum World!

Ian is a fan of weird taxidermy and weird things in general (that’s why he likes me so much) so going to a taxidermy museum of Opossums, New Zealand’s most destructive, non-native critter, was a highlight of the trip so far. If you ever get a chance to touch one of these furs, they feel exactly like a chinchilla. Therefore, we bought ourselves some lovely opossum souvenirs.

The Napier/Hastings area is known not only for Opossum World, but for it’s wines. They have a lovely bike trail where you can bike from winery to winery to do tastings and pick up wines. The hire outfit we went through are called Coastal Wine Cycles– and they were great and very helpful! I definitely recommend doing one of these kinds of tours, just make sure it’s Wednesdays thru Saturdays, as that’s when most of the wineries are open.

After the wine tour, we walked around Napier, also known as the Art Deco Capital of New Zealand. The town was demolished after an earthquake in the early 1930’s and rebuilt in the “new style” which has been preserved in recent years. It’s a beautiful place to take a stroll.


Dinner was at the Shed 2, Ian ordered a steak sandwich with fries (DELICIOUS) and I got a Duck Baklava with Cherry sauce (also DELICIOUS)

Coming up next: Bridges and Cheese and Trains

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