Another couple days packed chock-full of things. This time, near Wellington!


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Day 7: Travelling to Wellington

This day started as being an “easy drive” through to Wellington, and ended up being a pretty exhausting day. We started in Napier so the drive was to take around 4 hours. We knew there might be a cool bridge along the way so it was worked in to our drive.

I had no more than heard tale of this place, as the gorge has very little by way of literature regarding it- but it’s called the Waiohine Gorge. The journey there was about 30 min away from our route- but it was a little treacherous; so much so that I forgot to take any pictures of the dirt route because I was too busy holding onto my seat.


We happened to be the only ones there, aside from some white water rafting people, and it was terribly windy. The 50mph winds made the bridge swing and sway A LOT.Me being a safe person, decided not to cross the whole thing, but Ian wanted to have some fun with it. This activity was far scarier than skydiving.

We also hit a place by a lovely couple named Biddy and Colin called Cwmglyn (pronounced coom-glenn) Farm. Their establishment was really quaint and lovely. I bought some cheese from Holly the Cow and we were able to get some awesome shots of Colin’s fantastic train diorama.

Seeing that we didn’t have that much of a hike for the gorge we elected to see the Pitangirua Pinnacles, also known as the Paths of the Dead sequence of Lord of the Rings- also 1.5 hours off our route. They’re a very eerie, very awesome place to go. Now, the path there was marked as “easy” and not strenuous, but I thought otherwise. So if you intend to go, make sure your water bottle is filled, you’ve used the bathroom recently and are wearing clothes you don’t mind sweating in.

That evening we ate Hell Pizza, a popular pizza chain in NZ; having the Mayhem and Pandemonium pizza’s. They were tasty and very affordable.


R-L: Pineapple bacon, Mayhem, and Pandemonium

Day 8: Wellington


Wellington is a BEAUTIFUL city, it’s a pity we only have two days to get to know it… and we won’t be back to Wellington for 10 more days due to crossing back from the South Island, so this is really just a taste before we can come back and do some more stuff. Our first stop was the Adrenalin Forest, which is a high ropes course that’s pretty darn amazing. There are many locations along NZ so it’s an activity you can work in, depending on when you have free time.

I bowed out early, not wanting to strain my arm-tendons and hand muscles (I also pretty much clocked myself in the eye giving myself a bruise), but Ian was a total trooper and finished all but one of the courses in the amount of time allotted!

Next we met up with one of my favorite bloggesses, The Dreamstress!!! I’m so completely honored that she took time out of her day to show us her favorites of Wellington, especially as someone you’ve followed for nearly 10 years and totally look up to. Leimomi gave us a fantastic off-the-beaten-path tour of Wellington and showed us around to some of the absolutely drool worthy fabric and craft stores in the area. I bought some green gloving leather and a beautiful woven silk ikat to make an 18th century something! I definitely plan to stop by the stores when we’re in town next week when I’ve got a little more time to look around. We had a great time!

Leimomi turned us onto a lovely little restaurant in town called Sweet Mama’s Kitchen, which was a great taste of home, as it’s Mexican food 😀

It was a really fantastic day.

Next up: Driving a whole lot and a bit of Christchurch

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