The next few days are going to be full of full on driving and a few stops along the way- but luckily this place is so gosh-darn beautiful it doesn’t matter!

Day 9: Picton Ferry to Christchurch

Our day consisted of a 3.5 hour ride on the Interislander in the Cook Straight between the north and south islands then a 4.5 hour drive to Christchurch.

Our already long trip was lengthened a bit when we came across a backed up traffic due to a car fire turned brush fire. We waited for well over an hour to get by. To our knowledge, no one was hurt and the area (which was at extreme danger level for forest fires) was put out quickly.

For dinner, we ate McDonald’s (not as good as back home) and some left over Pizza Hut from lunch (also not as good) but hey, not everything is perfect!

Day 10: Christchurch

While in Christchurch, we were sure to stop at the amazing Canterbury Museum they have in the middle of town. As a natural history museum of New Zealand, it had some absolutely awesome stuff- like Moa fossils and a ton of Maori artifacts. And it was FREE!

THEN we went fabric shopping to a couple of places and I got some really lovely fabric for 18th century millinery. Ian also bought some fabric that was much pricier- moral of the story is: Look at the price per meter (or yard) before cutting your fabric.

We took off and headed toward Greymouth and happened to stop at Castle Hill along the way. This place is magical and we were there for over 2 hours just hiking and taking in the spectacle it is.

Another 2+ hours to go and we arrived at Greymouth! We ate at a place called Ali’s Eating and Drinking which had a fantastic Butter Chicken Curry Pie (they have “Pie Fridays” which are savory pies but chef’s choice- we highly recommend it) We also decided to purchase one of the pieces of art in their gallery for our living room and happened to be sitting right next to the artist! How cool is that?

What’s to come? Some wild foods and a big ol’ glacier.

**We are not endorsed by any of the companies we’ve linked in our posts- we just want you to be able to find their information should you come along to NZ**