Day 11: Greymouth & Hokitika

We stayed in Greymouth for the night before heading out to the Wildfoods Festival. The waves there are crazy!

We took a quick detour on the way to check out a little ol’ place called Shantytown:

Then we arrived at The Wildfoods Festival! Since 1990, thousands have flocked to Hokitika to taste the crazy things that humans can eat; like Crocodile, Seagull, Testicles, Kangaroo, etc. We ate a lot.

Hokitika has a ton of really cool shops and a few museums to pop into. We went into the Hokitika Museum for a little bit and had a great time learning about Whitefish: New Zealand’s Favorite Fish!

From Hokitika we headed south toward Franz Josef Glacier to where we were staying. Seeing the glaciers weren’t really part of our plan, but we got to our AirBnB sooner than we planned so we took the hike. Are we ever glad we did!

Dinner was had at the SnakeBite Brewery where we split a great sandwich called the “KFC: Krispy Fried Chicken Sandwich” which was an Asian Fusion delight with a bourbon-coke bbq sauce, red cabbage slaw and bacon. It was goooooood. We’ve also noticed anytime we get french fries (pretty common around here) the ketchup tastes vastly different than ours. I swear there’s ginger or another spice in there. It’s actually pretty good!


MMMMM So good! The KFC Burger from SnakeBite!

Day 12: Wanaka

As you can tell, most of this trip is just driving along this beautiful island- and there’s bound to be more in coming posts. At Wanaka, we’re nearing the southernmost part of our trip to turn tail and head back to the northernmost point. So, we’re just taking in what the South Island has to offer.

The journey from Hokitika to Wanaka was kind of uneventful- we weren’t able to look at all the pretty mountains because it was really foggy and rainy out. We could tell there were mountains there, but couldn’t tell just how high they were. Here’s a few photos from the internets on the real place:


ALERT: Not my photo.

We did manage to hit the Blue Pools on our way, which were on our list of things to see to begin with. The overcast sky made them not as blue as photos make them seem, but they sure are pretty. Also, I want to let you all know that Kiwi “easy” hikes are NOT what we’re used to. They’re more on the medium/hard hike level because EVERYTHING IS UPHILL!

When we arrived in Wanaka, we went to Puzzling World to check out what they have- crazy illusions and a giant maze. Ian was quite pleased…. my brain, however, was a bit broken.

Dinner was had at Sailz in Lake Hawea where Ian had a steak and I had a salmon fillet. It was pretty good and the closest to home cooking we’ve had since we got here.

Here are a couple more photos of our drive:

What could possibly be next?! A hike we probably shouldn’t have taken

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