Get ready for crazytown!

Day 13: Roy’s Peak

So, early on in our planning of our trip, I was really sad we weren’t spending more time here because there are so many amazing sites to see- most of them being long hikes to see awesome things. We planned only one long hike on our trip.

Now, if you remember from my last post, the “Kiwi Easy” hike is not an American easy hike. We went to the visitor’s center and the woman told us it was uphill but boring. The websites said “easy”. Let me show you:

This was hands-down one of the most grueling things I’ve ever done.

The path to Roy’s Peak, though a great photo op, is a 5 mile hike (each way), zig-zagging uphill, with no shade, and only 5 short flat pieces of ground. AWFUL.

Was this trip worth it? Ian and I both say “maybe” If you like putting yourself through enduring torture for a photo op, then YES you’ll like it!

We finished up our hike and just wanted to get to Queenstown to sleep. Dinner was had at Boliwood which was probably the best Indian food we’ve had in a long time.

Day 14: The Nevis Bungy/Queenstown

The next day was Ian’s big one, the Nevis Bungy, also known as the highest bungy inNew Zealand, where you go on a tiny tram to the middle of a suspended platform and jump into a gorge that’s much too high. From here I’m going to give Ian the keys and let him write a bit about his experience bungy-jumping for the first time!

Hello.  I am Ian.  As I found skydiving to not be “thrilling” since I had psyched myself out of being scared, I decided to embrace the fear of bungy jumping (despite Yoda’s warning).  I made sure to look at the ground often while on the 134m high platform.  It worked.  As I sat in the chair, waiting for them to connect the bungy to my legs, I glanced behind my back and felt the chair wiggle, imagining myself toppling out of the open doorway.  The fear built.  The technician put me on hold to “fix” the bungy, which involved tying the loose ends with granny knots and snipping the remainder off with scissors.  I trembled a little.  I tiptoed to the ledge, attempting to maintain my composure, stealing glances at the ground far below.  In my heart I knew that I wouldn’t willingly jump, but the countdown had begun.  I had no option, so I graciously dove into the air.  As I fell towards the ground I wondered why the bungy wasn’t starting to pull yet, but it eventually did, preventing my untimely demise.  The blood rushed to my head, I screamed victoriously, and awaited my rise to the throne of triumph as my servants hoisted me up to my rightful place in the gondola.  Anyways, it was awesome and I highly recommend it.



I’ve never seen Ian more serious in my life- that’s how I knew he was really  nervous.

After the jump, Ian and I decided to try out Fergburger, beings that it’s the only one. So we did. Ian still raves about his burger which was a Chief Wiggum, but I felt mine was a little too greasy (what a complaint for a burger, right?). The fries, however, were the best I’ve ever had. We only got one picture because we were so hungry- but they’re huge and a great price.



When we had filled up our wee tummies, we headed over to Historic Arrowtown to check out what they had. It’s a sweet little town with a lot of goldmining history, so we bebopped to all the shops before heading back to our AirBnB.

Next up: A whole lotta driving.

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