Here’s where we take a turn for the boring.

Day 19: Picton Ferry to Wellington

So, we thought we had booked our ferry across the strait for Sunday at 9:15am but it turned out we had booked it for the next day, Monday, at 9:15am. Our initial plan was to cross early and spend the afternoon and following morning in Wellington. So…. with our new agenda change (we called and got it all worked out but our arrival time would just be much later in the day on Sunday) that we didn’t get a chance to do much in Wellington by the time we got there at 6:30 in the evening. We were hungry that day though, so before we boarded the ferry we got some pizza to share.


Apologies for the lewdness of this beautiful Margherita/BBQ Pork Pizza.

And while we were on the ferry I [halfway] finished Felicity’s next project: a Quilted Petticoat!


Lots, and lots, and lots of quilting. But now I get to do the cross-ways on the plane!

Then when we arrived in Wellington, we stopped by a place called Hong Kong BBQ and Tea, which has super low prices and really wonderful, authentic Chinese food. They had so much roast duck for cheap it was like we were in heaven.

On our way back to the car we noticed a line and a wonderful smell coming from this teeny, tiny, little turquoise window only to discover The Little Waffle Shop, which has situated itself in a ticket booth of an old theater. It’s a great idea! The waffle we shared was a “Snickers Waffle” all of them $7 NZ. The waffles had more of a crepe texture (which was great because we were seriously stuffed from all our roast duck and tripe) and it was just enough to share and be satisfied.



We stayed that evening at a great AirBnB situated on top of one of the many hills of Wellington. They have seriously great views.


It was really, really beautiful in the morning

Day 20: Wellington/Hamilton

So, the drive from Wellington to Hamilton is around 6.5 hours- and we knew we would likely not have anything in between the cities to stop and look at. We decided to check out the TePapa museum because it’s free, and we’ve heard lots of great things about it.

Afterwards, we stopped by The Fabric Store and Fabric Warehouse before setting off….The drive was more or less uneventful… other than we tried some NASTY gross snacks that masquerade themselves as samosas. They tasted like dogfood.


They’re really gross.

For the most part we just listened to a bunch of podcasts and talked about what we’re going to have to prepare for when Ian starts his new job (just 4 days after we get back from NZ… yikes!)

The last few in NZ to come: Stu and Donna and some seriously amazing minigolfing.

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