So, we’re home now, after our 30+ hours of travel- but we thought you’d like to know what we did our last couple days in NZ. Enjoy!

Day 21: Auckland

Get ready for some adorableness! For our last couple of days in NZ, we spent our time in Auckland before our flight back to the US. We decided to spend one of the days with Stu and Donna!

Stu and Donna have been giving Auckland tours for 15 years now and offer a one-of-akind experience to anyone who’d like to not have to drive or worry about anything. Part of their tour is going to their farm and tasting jams, cheeses, fruits, etc. They even let you pet their sheep and birds! We can’t recommend this tour highly enough, and it’d be a great way to start your NZ tour off, if you’re starting in Auckland.

We had dinner at a Mexican Cafe in Auckland that was kind of close to our Mexican food in the states. By this point we were just hankering for something from home and were happy to find it similar. We also had to get on the road to Whangerei (where we were staying that night) just as the Westerly Winds started to pick up. That was a scary drive!

Day 22: Change in plans

We had driven to Whangerei to be close to Adventure World, where the “most difficult mini golf course” is said to be found. However we had awoken to a lovely high wind set of showers that weren’t suppose to end for another day or so. We decided to hightail it back to Auckland and check out some fabric stores and the Auckland Art Gallery.

We made it to several fabric storese, but none of them had what I was looking for. At around 4:07pm, we came to our last (the biggest one) and they had closed at 4pm. SAD DAY. So that day was just us be-bopping around Auckland, not taking many pictures. So sorry! We got some takeaway sushi (pretty good) and got back to the AirBnB to pack and sleep before we left.

Trip Conclusion:

In reminiscing about our trip, we wouldn’t have changed a thing. We had a great time, everyone was super nice and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Our plan is to create a series of posts within the next couple of weeks with information about cost, how we planned it, tips on traveling in and around, etc. to help out anyone who might be thinking of spending some time in NZ. I found that most of the information I was coming across was more geared toward the hitchhiker or camping type person.

If there are any questions or topics you’d like us to post on, please comment! I want to be as helpful as I can to you all!

**We are not endorsed by any of the companies we’ve linked in our posts- we just want you to be able to find their information should you come along to NZ**