While in New Zealand I took a couple projects with me to pass the time while traveling. I worked on quilting a small panel because it was easily packed away and not overly complicated- and why wouldn’t I want to make a wee quilted petti for her?!

All in all, the project took me more than 25 hours to complete- even as a simple diamond pattern.

I based the color and pattern decision on a number of images (Links here, here and here) that depict working class individuals which would make this type of garment plausible for someone like Felicity to possibly have had.


The Polite Maccaroni presenting a Nosegay to Miss Blossom
from the Lewis Walpole Library



The petticoat is made of a scrap of silk taffeta, lightweight cotton batting and scraps of handkerchief weight linen. It’s sewn in silk thread and tied with thin linen tapes.

I decided to make a pearl necklace for her, too, since I have one!

Other than a pocket and some shoes, Felicity will only need a top garment to complete her ensemble. I plan on making a linen dress for myself within the month, so I will likely make a matching one for her. More exciting stuff to come!