A while back I decided to make a reproduction of the cap Mrs. Izard wears in a portrait of her and her husband, painted by John Singleton Copley in 1775. I made up the cap a long time ago, but had been waiting for a while for some striped silk gauze or ribbons to complete the cap. I finally found some gauze that worked so I can show it to you now!


Detail of Mrs. Izard, 1775, Painted by Johns Singleton Copley

The cap itself is a single layer cap with lots of gauze trim that’s been pleated around the band. I bought some double faced satin ribbon to more trimming and tada! There are some small details that you mig be able to catch in the previous and below photos- The top of te “bow” has a much wider area at the top from the rest of the puffs, which was an interesting thing to try to recreate, but I think I got it!


My hair is a bit bigger than hers but the higher the hair, the closer to God- esp. in 1775!

I waited a few days to take photos of it because it’s been rainy for the past week and we finally got some sunshine!

For those of you that might be interested: I’m wearing a layer of my own foundation, LBCC’s Coral Rouge on my lips and cheeks, LBCC’s Cloves for the Eyebrows and a lovely garnet necklace from FleurDeLys Originals!


And I’m not wearing an ounce of any other makeup!