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If you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that I’ve attempted to make a dress form that is close to my own shape. Several. Times. I’ve tried lots of versions of duct tape forms and they’re great in a pinch but they’re not a long term solution. They tend to get your pins gummy and always end up being slightly larger than your real measurements; which isn’t helpful. I’ve collected some display forms here and there so I decided to use one to make a new dress form that will actually be my size and usable for the foreseeable future.

The first process of the form is to cut down the foam of the display to the size of my immovable parts (ie skeleton) so I can pad out the squishy parts. I really love foam carving and had a little too much fun acting like a crazy scientist.

Next I had to seal it with a glue solution so it doesn’t crumble into an oblivion! This is done using a simple solution of 1 part white glue to 1 part water. I sealed her three times to make sure nothing crumbles about…. I’m sure the neighbors have some questions for me after seeing this thing drying in the backyard.

The form is covered with batting and a canvas cover (like real ones!). The canvas is lined with a black cotton to [help] prevent sun damage to the foam itself. If you notice now yellowed the form was before I sculpted away portions of it, the yellow is the sundamage and those areas are more prone to crumbling. The sealant helps, of course, but we want this lady to be pristine for as long as possible.

There were SO MANY PIECES. And I had to cut out FOUR of each because of my dumb lining. Protip: Use a blackout curtain fabric and this will make it easier than I made it for myself.

Each piece is flatlined before assembly. I put everything together in quadrants, fitting all along the way only to find out it doesn’t matter…


….because butt problems.


It was seriously infuriating, but I got the kinks worked out after hours of tears. The front and back are attached at the crotch only before whipping it tightly to the foam form. I don’t have any process photos of that because I was in “get it done” mode but here’s the finished product!

And she truly does fit my 98lb self… AKA when I was 14


This corset was made for me when I was 14- So I’d say the measurements are pretty spot on for “as small as I could possibly be if I’m not eating properly”

Next to add 30lbs of squish and make her exactly me now!!