As per my facebook page, some of you may know about this already but I’m still happy to shout it from the rooftops:


Photo taken at the 2016 Jane Austen Festival. Photo by Janet Abell.

I now have an Etsy Store!!!! The shop is called Virgil’s Hats & Fine Goods… after my beloved wee pal, Virgil.


Look at those eyelashes!

To give some background on what’s been going on the past few months: In February, I left my position at Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio to pursue 2 new exciting opportunities… and go on my honeymoon. The first opportunity was to partner with my lovely friend, Joanna, to expand her custom theater millinery business and for us to start the subject of this post: Virgil’s Fine Goods.

What is Virgil’s Hats & Fine Goods, you say?

Virgil’s (for short) is a shop for living historians or historical fashion enthusiasts in pursuit of fine, handmade accoutrements.

What items does Virgil’s carry?

Currently, we have a number of 1800-1820’s ladies reproduction hats, bonnets, and turbans. A major focus of the store will be to provide well made, accurate (and affordable) men’s linen 18th & 19th century shirts and women’s linen shifts. We will, however, have many other items listed~ such as chemisettes, men’s beaver hats, horsehair bonnets, silk gauze caps, aprons, men’s shirts, leather, Felicity items, etc.


Hats & Caps & Bonnets, Oh my! Photo courtesy by Janet Abell

Why did you start your own business?

Truthfully, owning my own business has always been the LAST thing I ever wanted to do. The idea of “doing my own thing” or “being the bossman” has never been a fun idea. I had worked numerous times doing custom work and I’m never happy doing it.

So why start one? Holy cow. After talking with a few close friends, I realized no one is providing the living historians with accurate, well made, linen men’s basics or women’s basics, at mid-range prices. I’m talking, 100% linen thread, 100% handkerchief linen, hand finished, 18th & 19th Century shirts or shifts. So, this is the direction Virgil’s be going in the future; smattered with hats, silk caps and other items we decide to make because it’s fun and we want to provide needed items of living history for those who don’t have the time or means.

Does Virgil’s Hats & Fine Goods have a storefront?

Not currently. The business is run from my new residence in Dayton, Ohio but will operate through Etsy for the time being. Listings on the Etsy site will be updated regularly with new items as they are made. We plan to set up at only a few events during the summer, like we did at the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville KY.

We had a fabulous time at the Jane Austen Festival. Joanna and I set up as hairdressers for the weekend while we debuted our little shop. Here’s a pic from that event. I will be posting more about it soon!


Joanna and I as the “Hairdressers at the Sign of the Mortar & Pestle” Photo courtesy of Stephanie Cote

I hope you’ll check out my shop to see the different things I have to offer. New stuff will be added weekly, so keep checking back!

Do you have any questions about the shop? Feel free to comment below!