Alrighty, here we are; into another new year- A MONTH AND A HALF INTO ANOTHER ONE. It’s so bright and shiny and entices one to make new goals for themselves. These goals don’t always stick (as you saw from my last post) but honestly, it’s goals like these that keep me going. Also, I’m a huge “list person”- so we might as well document all this and see how we do:

Over-arching Goals
Finish “Must Do List”
Focus on Stash Busting
Go to Costume College
Host fun events in Ohio
Do more Historical Sew Monthly Challenges.

Let’s look at the year:


**HSF CHALLENGE: “Dressed to the 9’s”
For this I’m entering in my new Silk Mantle: based on sketches and fashion prints from 1778 & 1779
**Prepare for Mini Market
**Black Wool 1770s Gown
EVENTs: JASNA Dayton Twelfthnight Ball – Jan 12 Event postponed to March!


**HSF CHALLENGE: Linen- I may make a new pair of stays out of linen for this one
**Orange Silk Pet en L’air– At least get a start on it!
**Linen Gardening Smock- Modern sewing, but I really need one, so I’ll do it on my birthday!


I’m so excited about this…

EVENTS: Mini Market – Feb 2


**HSF CHALLENGE: Sewing Kit– I really need an 18th century “huswife” or sewing kit in general so I might put that together for myself
**Finish Orange Silk Pet en l’Air
**18th Century Toddler Stays

Postponed JASNA Dayton Twelfth Night Ball, March 9
18th Century Fancy Dinner- March 30 (Tickets on sale until 2/20!!!! GET THEM SOON!)


**HSF CHALLENGE: “Upping Your Game”-
For this challenge I think I’m going to start my venture into Edwardian clothing- It’ll probably have something to do with lace insertion. HOWEVER- this may change
**Finish Trim on Silk Ikat Saque Back Gown


I plan to tambour embroider/reproduce a version of a sleeveless spencer [allegedly] belonging to Josephine Bonaparte!
**White and Gold 1802 Dress
**Finish Green Corded Bonnet


**HSF CHALLENGE: Favorite Technique
This is going to be a hard one to decide on… totally not sure yet
**Navy Charmeuse 1920’s Dress Repro from The Southeast Ohio History Center Collections


**HSF CHALLENGE: Unexpected
I desperately want to make an 1880’s Maternity Corset

Kelvington Grove

Maternity and Nursing Corset from Kelvington Grove

Jane Austen Festival- July 12-14 (I’ll be teaching classes again! Yay!)
Costume College- July 25-29


**HSF CHALLENGE: Out of a Portrait
There are a LOT to choose from. Oy. I might do something for Anne, like an Edwardian children’s dress? I don’t know. This one is almost too broad for me-HA!
**Edwardian Ensemble for September Luncheon


18th Century Quilted Petticoat- I didn’t get around to this one this year but I’d really like to get working on it!
**18th Century Kid’s Market Bonnet
Fair at New Boston- Labor Day Weekend
Edwardian Croquet Luncheon (More Details to come!


**HSF CHALLENGE: Details- another not sure yet- I might focus my energies on the little details of 1830’s Children’s clothes
**1830’s Men’s Coat

Schoenbrunn Village Market Fair- Date TBD
Locust Grove 18th Century Market Fair- October 26-27

**HSF CHALLENGE: Above the Belt
I’ll likely enter an 1830’s Bonnet or wired cap in preparation for the Dicken’s Village!
**1836 Gown


**HSF CHALLENGE: On a Shoestring
For this one I might do an up-cycle project that’s been languishing in my rip-apart box. Not sure what it’ll be though.
**Christmas Presents CRAM
Ohio History Connection Dickens Village


Are there any events I should know about and add to my list? It seems a little bare to me…