Click on the links to see photos.
(*) denotes garment is entirely handstitched


18th Century

18th Century Stays




Caraco Coat Finished, More pics, in Progress

Servant Dress from Misanthrope, In Progress, In Progress 2

1780s Lady Edward Bentinck Hat

19th Century

*Regency Era Short Stays, In Progress

*Regency Era Bodiced Petticoat, In Progress

*1800 Apron Front Gown

1860 Day Dress, In Progress

1885-1887 American Corset

1888 Harriet Foster Carr Wedding Gown

1891 Irene Adler Gown

1898 Blue Women’s Ensemble

20th Century-Modern

1910’s Ophelia Gown

Sailor Apron

Lily Maid Tutu


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