I’m very excited to announce that I’ve ventured into the crazy world of YOUTUBE! I know my posting hasn’t ever been on the regular, but part of that was bound up in my frustration with the fact that pictures and text only show a smallll part of the learning process; whereas I feel videos help immensely.

So, after about 5 years of procrastination, I am very glad to say that I’m finally in a great place mentally, physically and time-commitment wise to be able to bring a different level of content to the world of making!

So, what will this new “Lady of the Wilderness” channel be about? You might ask. The purpose of the channel originally was to create an avenue for easier to follow tutorials for those who are visual, rather than textual, learners. BUT now that I’ve gotten a plan, the goals are as follows:

1) Provide helpful tutorials for making; sewing, millinery, fitting, patterning, mixed media, etc.

2) Provide helpful tips and resources for keeping a person healthy (mentally, physically, productively) while doing a making-centric hobby or business.

3) Do interviews with other makers!

4) Real talk. Because there are lots of topics out there within the costuming, cosplay and historical costuming communities that just need to be talked about!

I sincerely hope you all will visit my youtube channel and like, subscribe, share, etc. We have some really super exciting things coming up and I’d love for you to come along for the ride 🙂

Happy Making!